Thank’s for the money Findus!

A few weeks ago, I wanted to go back to my child hood and eat some crispy pancakes again. Man, do I regret doing that now!

First off, the “pastry” or whatever you want to call it had the texture and the taste of cardboard. I swear it never used too! then the worst thing happened.

I about destroyed my teeth on a huge chunk of bone. It was roughly about the size of a Labrador canine and immediately put my off my dinner!

I contacted Findus and told them what I had found, they sent me out the junk needed to send the bone back to them and this morning I received a letter with a £10 postal order attached to it. Not vouchers for more Findus products but a £10 made out to cash postal order.


Everyone else seemed freaked out, sickened and disgusted by the fact that this minced beef food product had bone in it, but I wasn’t.. I’d happily eat another crispy pancake if they didn’t taste like box. And hell, if there was another bone in it.. more money for The Richardsons!

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